Key Projects


Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia holds exciting potential and numerous opportunities for adventurous specialists and experts in multiple sectors, particularly those in infrastructure and real estate.

Why Saudi Arabia?


A G20 economy with a young, highly educated population of more than 30 millionpeople, it also boasts a strategic location at the heart of major trade routes crossing three continents and bountiful natural resources. As part of Vision 2030, a wide range of economic reforms has succeeded in creating new business opportunities, leveraging Saudi Arabia’s key strategic assets, and driving economic growth and diversification.Reform is opening new economic opportunities in Saudi Arabia to the world.

Vision 2030 is built around three primary themes : a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation.

The vision is built around three primary themes: a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation.This will happen through a series of commitments, including: increasing the number of Umrah visitors from 8 million to 30 million annually; establishing the largest Islamic museum in the world; doubling the number of Saudi heritage sites registered with UNESCO
promoting the growth of cultural and entertainment opportunities within the Kingdom: encouraging healthy lifestyles so that the number of citizens who exercise once a week increases from 13 to 40 percent; developing Saudi cities so that three are recognized in the 100 top-ranked cities in the world. In order to achieve a thriving economy, the Kingdomwill diversify its economy and create dynamic job opportunities for its citizens. This will happen through commitments to education, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Strategic Projects


Situated on 468 km of coastline in the north west of Saudi Arabia, and strategically close to the Suez Canal, NEOM will form the world’s largest project. NEOM is seen as an accelerator of human progress and a vision of what a New Future might look like. It is a region in northwest Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea being built from the ground up as a living laboratory – a place where entrepreneurship will chart the course for this New Future. It will be a destination and a home for people who dream big and want to be part of building a new model for exceptional livability, creating thriving businesses, and reinventing environmental conservation.NEOM will be the home and workplace to more than a million residents from around the world. It will include towns and cities, ports and enterprise zones, research centers, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist destinations.As a hub for innovation, entrepreneurs, business leaders and companies will come to research, incubate and commercialize new technologies and enterprises in groundbreaking ways. Residents of NEOM will embody an international ethos and embrace a culture of exploration, risk-taking and diversity – all supported by a progressive law compatible with international norms and conducive to economic growth.

The Red Sea Development Company (KSA)



Established in 2018 by the PIF of Saudi Arabia, The Red Sea Development Company aims to drive the development of a tourism destination along Saudi Arabia’s west coast.
One of the world’s most ambitious and exciting tourism and hospitality projects: aluxury destination created around one of the world’s hidden natural treasures – the Red Sea coast from KSA rather than from Egypt.

The Red Sea Project aims to set new standards in sustainable development and exceed expectations to createa unique travel experience. The new destination, which covers an area of 28,000 square kilometers, is located between the cities of Umluj and Al Wajh, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
The area will be a semi-autonomous Special Economic Zone (SEZ) governed by independent laws and a regulatory framework on par with international standards. Focus will be placed on environmental sustainability, convenient visitor access, open social norms and improved business regulations, that will facilitate partnerships and investment opportunities with the world’s leading brands, companies and entrepreneurs.

The ambition is to set pioneering standards to every aspect of destination development and management to achieve the goals of environmental and tourism sustainability and become a truly global destination, welcoming visitors from around the world. As a company made up of over 500 people and 35 nationalities, the company is focused on the values we share. Respect, Responsibility, Collaboration and Passion are at the hearts of all employees of The Red Sea Development Company.

One of the most exciting projects in the world for Real Estate, Hospitality and Environmental Specialists – Tesserae Partners can advise and guide you how to secure a role within this iconic project.

Key Projects – UAE Vision 2040 Dubai, UAE

Dubai recently launched the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan This urban plan is geared towards making Dubai the world’s best city in which to live and work, withfocused development of five key districts in the city. The Master Plan for Dubai 2040 seeks to attract foreign investment to new sectors, foster greater economic activity, and provide sustainable and flexible means of mobility to residents. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about this innovative and detailed plan for Dubai’s future.Some of the top highlights from the grand reveal of the Dubai 2040 Urban MasterPlan include:  Investment and urban development to be focused on five main areas: three existing ones (Deira & Bur Dubai, Downtown & Business Bay, Dubai Marina &JBR) and two upcoming (Expo 2020 Centre, Dubai Silicon Oasis Centre).

These areas will support the growth of the economic sector and create job opportunities for residents. Dubai residents expected to grow from 3.3 million in 2020 to 5.8 million by 2040 and the government’s plans to efficiently provide for them. 168 square kilometres of land to be dedicated to economic and industrial activities. Wildlife sanctuaries and natural reserves to constitute 60% of Dubai by 2040. Areas designated for public beaches to be extended by 400%. 25% increase in spaces designated for educational and health facilities. 55% of the population will live within 800 metres of main public transport stations. Issuance of an urban planning law to support sustainable development and improvement in Dubai.

The Strategic Projects EXPO 2020

Now scheduled for 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022

Expo 2020 Dubai will be the first World Expo ever hosted in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. Through the theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, they aim to host a World Expo that inspires people by showcasing the best examples of collaboration, innovation and cooperation from around the world.Dubai expects to have more than 100,000 hotel rooms by 2020 to host 25 millionpeople who will visit Dubai during the exhibition.
Every visitor will be able to find accommodation according to his or her budget and preferences, near the Expo orin the many beachfront and commercial centre hotels. With Dubai International airport keen to return to being one the most important hubs in the Aviation Industry, Dubai will lead the world in reconnecting post Covid.
The Expo is expected to create 300,000 new jobs. The majority of these roles will be in thetourism, logistics and trade sectors, mostly in order to welcome and accommodate visitors and facilitate the role of Dubai as an international trade

Dubai will also attract foreign Direct Investment as a business hub, which will stimulate jobs in Finance and other professions. Dubai remains the choice for Multi National Corporation to set up their corporate head offices for the MENA region.