Targeted Headhunting and recruitment


Our Headhunting and Recruitment service isn’t different, its better.


The advent of digital technologies continues to dramatically disrupt all traditional businesses, with Recruitment firms and Search practices being no exception to this. As a result, Tesserae Partners combine and integrate digital vision, industry experience and talent attraction expertise to provide best in class recruitment delivery.

Digital Platforms
and Technology

Tesserae Partners work with the leading developers of Machine Learning and AI integrated software to remove much of the heavy lifting from our service delivery. We can utilize these services on an automated basis, so that we can source and find CVs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can work one role until offer acceptance, or we can act as a CV sourcing tool for active roles and pipeline candidate management.

Industry Experience

We recruit leaders and specialists across all major industry sectors, concentrating on the major infrastructural and transformational projects across the Middle East. This includes the regional early adopters in digital transformation and the game changer strategic projects. As the region moves away from Energy dependency and into more diversified, modern economies, we have access to the key strategic projects and key people who will transform the Middle East.

Your Data and your candidates


Creating a searchable database that can be indexed using the latest AI algorithms reduces your cost and time to hire. We can support existing team members by working on site or off site, or by using our automated searching to source candidates out of ordinary office hours. Remember that they’re all your candidates. Sourcing is arguably the most important yet time consuming element of any successful Talent Acquisition team. Our service delivers the CVs that your line managers need, allowing HR to focus on strategic issues

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

We believe that the advent of low cost and workable AI and Machine learning has fundamentally altered the recruitment business model. Recruitment firms no longer hold the key to candidate access, social media platforms and CV databases hold the profiles, yet it is how that data is accessed and utilised that is paramount.
Tesserae Partners offers Recruitment as a Service – that is a paid annual subscription recruitment service that gives our clients access to our technology to source and find suitable candidates that met their requirements. We can search internal databases, external databases as well as social media and specialist, international platforms and design AI driven programs that hunt and identify those non-active candidates that all clients crave..

“One Price per annum, irrespective of total number of hires”

We understand that many companies prefer to keep their Talent Acquisition function in-house. For these employers, we can double or triple productivity by automating time intensive processes. This is beneficial for companies that have project-based hiring, or expansion to a new territory where you are not set-up to deliver, or that you need access to highly specialist candidates that you don’t have internally.


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Nationals and Localisation

All countries across the Middle East are committed to generating employment opportunities for their people, as well as their ensuring their welfare at work and their professional development. Each government has its own programme to encourage Nationalization and it is usually enforced over targeted industrial sectors, where ex-pats will be encouraged to ensure a skills transfer is taking place via a tutored or mentored programme.

Over the past 12 months, the ICV programme in Abu Dhabi has moved across various sectors, from oil and gas to construction, energy and logistics. Saudi Araba’s corresponding programme, In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA), has also been a key consideration in the hiring of staff for the Strategic Projects. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has meanwhile furthered an increased awareness of the necessity to localise critical parts of the supply chain.

Functional Expertise


We have experience in finding specialized expertise across business functions. We recognize that new skillsets and work practices are becoming a core competency in most business functions, ranging from marketing to technology to human resources. As we utilize modern AI and machine learning driven sourcing technology, we can source specialized skillsets from the local population using social media driven tools and solutions that focus on delivery rather than branding.

In House Team Training


Many companies prefer to keep their Talent Acquisition function in-house, rather than use expensive third-party agents. We can offer onsite training programmes that cover a number of subject areas, delivering both policy, process and tangible results.
These Include :

Requisition Approval Processes and Decision Trees

Job Description writing and standardization

Pay scale assessment and market mapping

Candidate Pipeline generation

Utilisation of Zero Cost Social Media Posting

Time Management and Prioritization

Selection process design

Interview and Assessment Technique

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