The only AI Driven Recruitment

and Talent Integrator in the GCC.




The only AI Driven Recruitment

and Talent Integrator in the GCC.

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Driving change through Talent

Tesserae Partners is the subscription based all-in-one AI and machine learning driven recruitment service for clients worldwide. Designed to blend with internal talent teams and processes, we reduce the heavy lifting of sourcing by using cutting-edge tech. Tesserae Partners will design, install and manage the necessary Talent infrastructure and processes, either on site or remotely, as well as train internal users on recruitment excellence. Tesserae Partners deliver results from day one.

« The script of the algorithm, in the skill of the search ».



Situated on 468 km of coastline in the north west of Saudi Arabia, and strategically close to the Suez Canal, NEOM will form the world’s largest project.

The Red Sea Development Company (KSA)

One of the most exciting projects in the world for Real Estate, Hospitality and Environnemental Specialists.

The Strategic Projects EXPO 2020

Expo 2020 Dubai will be the first World Expo ever hosted in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. 

What is Tesserae ?

The plural of «tessera», a name given to piece used in a mosaic. Originally tesserae were the cubes of stone used in ancient classical mosaics, but now the term is used for pieces of any kind of mosaic material, whether they are ceramic, stone, pebbles, glass or some other substance. Tesserae Partners are sourcing and recruitment experts, specializing in locating those significant individual pieces that bring the whole complex picture together.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our AI technology dramatically reduces time the required to source, process and shortlist candidates without compromising on result accuracy. This allows us, working in partnership with your recruiting team, to source exceptional candidates and then focus on building human connections; The one thing that AI will never replace.

Tesserae Partners delivers the highest quality results gained through automation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, supporting manual database and social media searching during office hours.

We build, integrate and support the deployment of AI and Machine Learning Solutions into our clients’ talent infrastructure, so Tesserae Partners can continuously explore new techniques to optimize talent attraction.

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